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Experienced in helping over 100,000 business owners and sales professionals boost their sales and profits, generating over $2Billion dollars.

The Sales Institute Of Australia

Renowned for The Reverse Selling Method™


“The most effective sales method in the world for converting a lead to a sale”


The Sales Institute is more than a sales training company.


We specialise in tailoring The Reverse Selling Method™ to your business for fast success.

We know how important CASH FLOW is for today’s businesses and this unique sales system has been proven to work in over 150+ industries all over the world.

Our passion is People. Helping you achieve extraordinary levels of success both professionally and personally, enabling massive potential of business growth.

Our sales programs are designed to ensure you and/or your team are equipped with the most effective sales knowledge to boost sales and Profit.

With two award winning programs, The Sales Accelerator and CONVERT Club, we have laser focus on the number 1 growth factor for business owners…

…Having consistent sales coming in the door.

We have a 100% success rate in helping your business:

  1. Increase conversion rates (no matter who takes the lead and so the business is not business owner dependent allowing for scaling)

  2. Increase the average dollar per sale (which directly impacts the profits margins of the company)

  3. Shorten the sales cycle (so we are spending more time on new revenue generation and less time on following up existing/older leads, allowing the sales team and company to achieve more in less time).

We are big on People and Frameworks…not heavy sales scripts!
Gone are the days of ‘Old School’ selling.

About The Founders

Petar Lackovic


Petar is the Director of The Sales Institute Australia, Co-Founder of the Reverse Selling Method™ and CONVERT Club.

Petar has been asked to tailor the Sales Systems for companies like MAZDA, Channel 9, Sanity Music, HMV, Virgin, Westpac, Macquarie Uni, Cancer Council just to name a few.

Known to many as the $2B Sales System Man; from sales collectively made from his clients over the years.

Annette Lackovic


Dubbed by Commonwealth Bank business blog as Australia’s Leading Female Sales Trainer. Winner of the global Stevie Awards for Women in Business. 

Annette is the CEO of The Sales Institute, Co-Founder of CONVERT Club.

The creator of the ‘6 Figure Webinar Sales System’ and ‘S-Uni’; the very first online sales university globally for the fitness industry.

Annette is a 19yr conference speaking veteran, not just on sales but also her deeper passion, the link between positive psychology and human performance.


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Award winning in Business Services and Start Up of the Year

Gold Winner – Business Services 2021
Gold Winner – Start Up Of The Year 2021
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